Just over a month ago the MN Twins baseball winter caravan came to town, so the night before I created a little something for “Circle me Bert” Blyleven since I knew he was coming! He offered to sign it but I said nope this is for you to keep! Oh and TC Bear photo bombed us haha!

I also created some pieces inspired by Taylor Swift’s pre-reputation catalog of music and sent them for her, only I made a little mistake for Queen of the Catsle when I left out the “L’ in her first name. I have since recreated it with the correct spelling and hope to get it to her when she comes to MN since I have a ticket to her show on Sept 1st! FYI I used stencils for the illustrations and created the funny certificates via computer (I wrote in the names myself) but the writing is all my own freehand!

I don’t have the photos but I also created a list of the band member names for Diamond Rio and gave it to them years ago. They asked if I did it on a computer, heck no!

I attend a LOT of shows and have been to so many as well!